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The Social Network for all, with characteristics similar to other social networks: practical, powerful, simple, comprehensive, interactive. Available for PC, smartphone and tablet.

The free registration with an age limit of 18 years, with a security system based on the verification by the administration to avoid false subscribers. The verification and approval process can take place in a time ranging from a few minutes to 24 hours. The approved user is notified by email. From this moment the member may log-in with the email and password chosen during the registration process and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the social network.

On first access it is recommended that you configure your privacy settings (with the ability to modify them at any time), deciding on who to be seen by, and what others can see of your activity on the social network. The choice of friends is made through a request which must be confirmed.

The wide interaction with the most popular social networks allows, with few clicks ,to invite friends to Social4Web through an application that delivers an email or a personal message to friends with a direct link for the registration.

Social4Web GroupThe user can use private instant chat (one-to-one) with online friends, even from mobile phone or tablet, with many enjoyable and useful functions, such as saving the conversation in a file, simultaneous translation that allows you to write in your language without knowing the language of the friend, pen writing, the choice of a game between the many available online for a fun challenge, sharing a whiteboard, sending files. To make friends, the General instant Chat (public or private chat room) allows you to discuss various topics with online people who are not part of the group of friends. You may ask Social4Web Support to create a personal or group Chat Room (free), public or private (password protected).

The Messaging service is very useful to write to offline friends and provides for the automatic delivery of an instant email with the text and the origin of the message. To answer, you should always do it from within Social4Web (PC, mobile phone or tablet) and never directly from your personal email which will result in the non-delivery of the message.

Social4Web world

The great potential of Social4Web also includes:
• the creation of Photo Albums, of Polls, of personal Pages, of public and private Groups;
• the publication of Blogs, Documents of any size in full screen visualization and easily browsable.
• the publication of Events, of Classifieds, of personal Videos or shared from Youtube© or Vimeo©.

Social4Web has been defined an elitist social network with special attention to Culture. The registered User can have a powerful word processor, with advanced features, which allow him to produce very professional Articles and Blogs, with the inclusion of images, video, tables that can be shared outside.

The partnership with Blogget offers additional opportunities for the User, who is a lover of writing. You can require the publication of a Blog written on Social4Web (at User’s request and after approval of the Administration) on Blogget ©, a website specialized in Blog for the public domain greatly increasing the visibility of the Author on the Web.

The other cultural engagement of Social4Web was created by one of the groups within the social network founded by Vita Marinelli, Itinerari di Lettura ©, for lovers of reading. The site, open to all, collects reviews, interviews, quotes, poetries, columns, commentary, in the big universe of books.

On the Home page it’s possible to see your recent activity and your friends. Social4Web is a social hub, in fact from the Home page you have the ability to connect to the most popular social (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram), consulting them and publishing something directly from Social4Web.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets with the various mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) you have full access to all the functions available from PC, without loading any applications, simply typing in the address bar of the mobile device browser used for Internet.

You can find out even more by subscribing here.

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