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The Medical Community, has recently developed new strategies to improve the dialogue between professionals in a secure environment with tools that facilitate interaction and global communication.

Social4Med is the Medical Network for excellence, born in 2011, thanks to the collaboration between doctors, computer scientists and experts in social communication and web development. The basic structure is the typical one of the social network with filters that restrict access to well-defined categories of professionals.

The environment is user-friendly, based on a Registration that requires the approval by the Administrator. This control minimizes the presence of false users within Social4Med.

Membership is free and reserved to Doctors, Scientific Societies, Healthcare Companies, Hospital Facilities and Universities, Recruiting companies. The system languages ​​are English and Italian.

Within Social4Med, there are as many Networks as the number of Specialties provided by the Ministry of Education (currently 55). Registered users, have the ability to select one or more Specialties (Networks) to keep informed and participate in the discussions within the Specialization and those related or of personal interest.

The presence of many features (Personal and General Menu) facilitates interaction and friendship between geographically distant colleagues. Like all the social networks, even Social4Med is based on friendships between users (request and obtain the friendship of colleagues increases the visibility within your network). Make themselves known, publish scientific articles, propose questions on topics of mutual interest, report events, post ads, photos, video, instrumental tests relevant to the professional activity and so much more, are part of the sharing philosophy of Social4Med.

Several prestigious Scientific Societies from all over the world have created their own Official Page, addressed to the subscribers to the Society that allows for a direct dialogue with it. The management of Documents in any format, Presentations, can be viewed in different ways (full-screen, book-mode, slide-mode, etc.) improving the reading and user-friendly management of the Medical Network.

Medical NetworkThe Page can also be created by each professional with the data entry of their scientific and professional activity: curriculum, information, offices with automatic geographic map, photos, videos, professional documents, and much more. The Page is the equivalent of a personal web site with custom URL (

The registered user has available also: management of messages, private and general chat, creation and management of Personal Groups, Comments, Shares, Events, Documents, Classifieds, Photo Albums, Videos, Blogs, Invitations, Polls, integration with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (social Hub function).

The connection is encrypted using SSL (https), but can also be used in http connection.

From smartphones, through the phone browser by writing, the Mobile version of the Medical Network is automatically loaded, with reduced menu and features.

Social4Med complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. Verify here.


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