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The Project of Itinerari di Lettura is simple and ambitious.

Simplicity is linked to the structure of the site, divided into Categories and Pages. Categories identify the genders of the books. Pages regroup several categories and highlight those common topics that a site dedicated to reading must consider: Reviews, Interviews, People, Quotes, Headings, Stories.

The ambition of the project is related to the sharing of the topics and the articles and to the interaction with readers.

It’s possible to collaborate in the drafting of an article simply by subscribing to Itinerari di Lettura and proposing a review, interview, comments and more.

The registered user can prepare a short biography and a photo to be included at the end of the proposed article.

The Authors of the Books will:

  • draw up a personal biography with a photo that will be used by the official routes in Reading Pages about the author;
  • review their work;
  • request an interview which will be published in the Interviews page.

The articles are published in chronological order and they will be visible on Recent (3 more recent articles) in the sidebar of all the Pages. Popular are the three articles with the highest number of comments. Random are the 3 articles generated by an algorithm of randomization loaded every page refresh.

Articles and comments will be checked before publishing to avoid spamming.

To communicate with Itinerari di Lettura, please use the Contacts page.

All Members can take advantage of the potential of Social4Web, social network recommended by Itinerari di Lettura for reliability and safety. A simple registration is required.

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